Parish Life - Volunteer Ministries

Christ Church has many small and large group ministries that provide opportunities for all parishioners to grow in their faith and share their spiritual gifts with others.




Each area of ministry provided by the acolytes is important and fulfilling spiritually. These include the Torch Bearers, the Crucifer, the Altar Server, and the Master of Ceremonies. Each of these roles serves important functions in our worship service.  In addition to playing very specific functions, the Master of Ceremonies, Altar Server, and Crucifer also help with communion by assisting in the flow of parishioners to and from the altar.

Adult Christian Education

The Adult Christian Education committee develops and coordinates weekly program for the Adult Forum, an educational program offered after the 10:00 service from September through mid-June.

Archives Committee

The mission of the Archives committee is to organize and file the archive records of Christ Church Media to make them available for historical reference and to preserve and maintain them in the safest, most usable manner. The archiving process is ongoing; members contribute two hours of their time each month.

Adult Forum Hospitality

This group organizes the refreshments served to the congregation after the 10:00 A.M. services (and the 9:00 A.M. service in the summer).  This hospitality ministry brings refreshments, fellowship and good cheer to the Christ Church community.  Refreshments are enjoyed after the service and before adult forum.  Weekly hosts and hostesses provide cream for the coffee, set up the table with sugar, stirrers, and the donated goodies.  At the end of the forum the host cleans the coffee urns, the tea pot and all leftover items. We usually have enough volunteers that the commitment to this ministry is manageable to a few times during the year.

Aid For Friends

The Aid for Friends cooking group meets monthly, in the evening, to cook approximately 100 meals at a time for elderly shut-ins. In addition to assisting with meal preparation, parishioners can help in this work by signing up for needed contributions of food items.  The group meets on the fourth Thursday of the month (except in November and December, which is scheduled).

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a quiet ministry within Christ Church, which is supported at the present time by eleven devoted parishioners.  Our duties consist of caring and preparing the altar on Saturdays, for worship services on Sunday and midweek.  We all consider it a privilege to worship the Lord in this ministry and are always looking for new members.



The mission of the Archives Committee is to organize and file the archive records of Christ Church Media in an ongoing way in order to make them available for historical reference and to preserve and maintain them in the safest, most usable manner.  Members contribute two hours of their time each month along with meetings.

Bible Study

Open to all in the parish who are looking for fellowship, discussion and support, there is a Bible study group that meets at 11 a.m. on Wednesdays.  Those who attend usually attend the mid-week Eucharist that follows at noon.


In every organization, there are unsung heroes, those behind the scenes, who do marvelous work.  Such are “the counters” at Christ Church.  Early every Monday morning they meet to count and categorize all financial contributions made the previous Sunday.

Church School Teachers

The church school teachers bring the word of God to our children by offering lessons targeted to their age and competency levels.  Commitment to this ministry includes working with the children after the church service, as well as during the sermon period of the worship service.  Other committee meetings are held as needed.  

Children's Sermon

During the priests sermon in the church a group of dedicated leaders take children, ages 3 through 5th grade, into the parish house and there all children get to participate in Children’s Sermons.  Some volunteers lead the sermon and some simply help the sermon leader.


There are two principle functions to Communication ministries.  These include maintaining the systems of communications among parishioners through the use of tools like the church website and newsletter, and to publicize church news in the greater community.

Endowment Board

The Endowment Board is charged with managing and growing the church’s endowment.  This is an important stewardship commitment that will safeguard the parish’s interest and well-being for the future.  The Board promotes growth through their presentations at Adult Forum, by advocating the use of envelopes provided to parishioners in early March, September, and December, and by holding an annual appreciation event for participants in the Legacy Society (anyone contributing to the Endowment).

Flower Guild

This committee is responsible for each Sunday’s flower arrangements, which are given as memorials, in thanksgiving, birthday, or anniversary commemorations.   After the 10:00 A.M. service the flowers are delivered to the sick and shut-ins to remind them that they are not forgotten in our thoughts and prayers. Participation in this ministry is three-fold.  You may choose to assist in the arrangement, make deliveries of the flowers, or contribute towards the purchase of weekly flowers or altar elements.  The cost for each Sunday’s flower arrangements is $50.00 and the Altar Elements, which can also be given in memorial, thanksgiving, etc., is $25.00.


Greeters provide an important hospitality services as hosts and hostesses of the Sunday Worship Services.  This ministry provides one of the first impressions a visitor has of Christ Church.  It is the responsibility of the Greeter to welcome and identify visitors or guests, to introduce themselves and answer any questions they may have.  We encourage them to join us for our coffee hour and adult education and invite them to a tour of our Church building.  We provide them with our visitor’s pamphlet asking them if they would please register their presence with us.

Holiday Food Baskets

The holidays are particularly challenging time for families struggling to make ends meet. Three weeks before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, empty baskets are offered to the Christ Church community with a list of non-perishable food items.  These baskets are returned to the church a week before the holiday.  We also collect funds and purchase a turkey or ham to accompany each basket. The donated food is distributed through the Second Time Around Parents Program, a program supporting grandparents raising their grandchildren, offered by the Family and Community Services of Delaware County.


The Hospitality Ministry encompasses several aspects of life here at Christ Church.  Several ministries are included in the overall description of Hospitality such as Ushers, Greeters, Bread Delivery, and Receptions.  It is our goal for not only the new members, but current members, guests and visitors to feel a warm welcome when coming through our doors.  We strive to be an inclusive community allowing for individuals to experience their own personal spiritual journey in community with us.


The conference room of Christ Church houses the beginnings of a substantial church library. The collection, which has been entirely stocked and funded by private contributions, includes prayer books, biblical guides and commentaries, cultural histories, biographies, autobiographies, fiction and nonfiction books related to the life of faith, scholarly texts and guides as well as material for the general reader. We are particularly pleased with the growing collection of children's books and the expanding video/DVD collection. Committee work includes cataloguing and shelving existing materials, writing reviews of items in the collection, and overseeing the acquisition of new materials.


 The LOGOS youth group program is designed to engage, enrich and nurture the spiritual growth of our middle school and high school youth grades 6 - 12.  The group meets every Sunday, Sept. - June, following the 10:00 Holy Eucharist.  The youth participate in Bible study, activities, and worship skills, including chimes, followed by lunch.  The youth help determine many of the outreach projects, off-site outings and fundraisers they do throughout the year as well as help with the planning for the annual youth led service and overnight lock-in.


 Member incorporation is vital to the church community.  This is true for new members of Christ Church and for long-standing member interested in getting more involved.  Our individual and collective faith is strengthened through our participation in both the smaller and larger group ministries offered through the church.

Mom's Group

Mothers of young children enjoy fellowship at Christ Church, Media on the second Monday of each month.  Lively discussion has centered on topics such as:  cultivating the spirituality of children, finding peace within busy lives, and exploring faith-inspired approaches to child-rearing.  Over the past year, the group has devoted considerable thought and discussion to incorporating the church calendar into home traditions. Warm friendships blossom within the group, which welcomes new participants.  Refreshments are served and childcare is provided.

Neighbors In Need

Food donations are collected in an ongoing fashion and placed in the cupboard in the hallway outside St. Joseph’s Hall.  As the cupboard fills, donations are bagged, weighed, and delivered to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Chester.  Groceries donated to the cupboard also periodically assist members of Christ Church in meeting emergency food needs.  For those unable to provide groceries, funds may also be contributed to Christ Church with a designation of Outreach-Neighbors In Need in the memo line.

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team provides a ministry of love, compassion, comfort and support to the Christ Church parish community.  The team members regularly visit the homebound, bereaved, hospitalized and those in retirement homes.  The Pastoral Care Eucharistic Visitors also take communion to church members who are unable to come to church.  Our Rector directs and coordinates the team members as they minister to the needs of our parish family. All Pastoral Care team members have received training and are certified by the Episcopal Community Services Chaplaincy Committee.  Members of our congregation, in conjunction with the pastoral team, also perform additional ministries such as providing meals, cards, e-mail, telephone contacts, companionship and transportation to medical appointments, church services and functions. The prayer ministry meets each week and makes daily intercessory prayers for those in need.

Pre School Committee

The Preschool Committee's chief purpose is to provide administrative support to the Preschool Director.  In addition, the committee acts as advisors to the Director in matters of parish-school relations, school curriculum, teacher responsibilities and continue education, fund raising, advertising, parent-teacher relations, and school policies and procedures.

Property Committee

The work of this committee is devoted to the maintenance of the church, rectory and grounds.


Each Sunday they are responsible for handing out the service bulletins, helping individuals find seating or providing assistance when needed.   Ushers collect the weekly offerings as well as provide a count of parishioners.  They carry the elements of Bread and Wine to the Altar.  This ministry also includes our Junior Ushers.  These represent some of our youngest volunteers, starting at age 5.  The Adult Ushers mentor the Junior Ushers by having them participate in all ushering duties.  This has been a great way for our youth to become more involved in the service and life of Christ Church.


Stewardship is a responsibility of all members of the church.  This includes prayerfully considering and giving of time, talents, and treasure.

Women’s Group

The women’s group, through fellowship and sharing, encourages and uplifts each other in our faith journeys.  At our monthly Potluck Suppers (except July/August) we share our spiritual autobiographies and other topics of interest.  Outside activities have included a Retreat, luncheon, tea and dinner.  We welcome the women of the parish to join us.