8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I

10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II with choir

Childcare is available for infants to 3 years of age.



Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 AM - Morning Prayer in Chapel

Wednesday Noon - Holy Eucharist/Healing Service in Chapel

Friday 7 AM - Holy Eucharist in Chapel




Directions to Christ Church


September 14 Adult Forum - Forum on Forums, Mary Ellen Maatman Presenter

September 18 7:30 PM - Taize Service in Choir Loft of Sanctuary

September 21 Adult Forum - Christ Church Media Community, Stephen Adcock Presenter

September 21 - Parish picnic 1-5 PM at Townsend Farm

September 28 Adult Forum - Peace or conflict among Serbian Orthodox, Croatian Roman Catholic and Bosnian Muslims, Fr. Adam Presenter



September 14, 2014    


(friends, family and acquaintances of parishioners)

Susan, Carly, Rosemary, Joanne, Johnny, Paul, Missy, Carol, Dana, Bill, Mary, Mike, Leonard, Stella, Courtney, Edith, Susan, John Joseph, Monica, Janis, Bette, Jim, Elma, Donna, Barb, Olivia, Michael, Edwina, Angela, Madeline, Evelyn, Denny, Dee, Andi, Michael, Lynn, Richard, Zander, Jeannie, Dave, Mia



BIRTHDAYS:  Florence Kauffman, Joan Pfeffer, Elias Kradel, Kristina Hann, Terry Kirk, Ben Sniegowski, Christina Labows



Sunday, September 14, 2014                      8am - 29; 10am-123



$ 207,650             Actual pledges received as of 08/31/2014

   193,859              Pledges expected to be received as of 08/31/2014

$   13,791              Above expectation in pledge collection


NURSERY CARE  Nursery care is available today from 9:30am—12:30pm for infants to 4 years of age in the Acorn Sunshine classroom located on the lower level.  Andrea Cruz and Sara Dolan, Nursery care givers.


CHILDREN’S SERMON   Children ages 3 years old through 5th grade are invited to attend the children’s sermon every Sunday during the 10 o’clock service.  The children follow the crucifer and teachers (after the Gospel reading) to St. Mary’s Hall for children’s sermon.   The children return during the post-sermon hymn to be with their parents for the remainder of the service.    


ADULT FORUM All adults are invited to participate in Adult Forum that follows our 10am worship service each Sunday and meets in St. Joseph’s Hall. 

Upcoming topics:  Sept 14 – Forum on Forums, presenter Mary Ellen Maatman

                                 Sept 21 – Christ Church Media Community, Stephen Adcock presenter

    Sept 28 – Peace or conflict among Serbian Orthodox, Croatian Roman

                      Catholics and Bosnian Muslims, Fr. Adam presenter


CHURCH SCHOOL Ages 3 years-2nd grade meet immediately following 10am service in St. Mary's hall.  3rd-5th grades report directly to the first floor old Godly-Play 2 room.   

       If you are new to our church and wish to have your child/children participate please don't hesitate to ask one of our ushers or parishioners for assistance before or after 10am service. Church schools ends promptly at 12:15pm.    We are expecting a fun, exciting, and productive year. Please come join us.  Questions?  Please contact Max High at


LOGOS Youth Program Today is our annual LOGOS softball game and BBQ. All LOGOS youth and their families are invited to attend. We will meet in the Van Roden Room immediately following the 10am service to car pool to Barrell Park.

                On Sunday, September 28th, we will be having an Open Forum to discuss the current state of LOGOS as well as planning for the future. We will meet after adult forum at 12:15 in St. Joseph's Hall. We invite all LOGOS youth and parents, as well as any adults that may be interested in becoming involved in any capacity. Lunch will be provided. We hope to see you there and hear your input as we continue to revamp our program to best serve our youth.



  • Each Wednesday, the Holy Eucharist/Healing Service is offered at 12 o’clock noon in the Chapel.     
  • Each Friday, the Holy Eucharist is offered at 7:00 a.m. in the Chapel.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Morning Prayer is offered at 9:00 a.m. in the Chapel. 


VESTRY MEETING will take place on Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm in St. Joseph’s Hall.   Vestry members are reminded to submit their reports to Rita no later than Monday the 15th for copy and distribution.   Vestry meetings are open to parishioners, so please feel free to attend.  Minutes of the Vestry Meetings are available in the book rack located in the foyer outside St. Joseph’s Hall (next to the water fountain).


ART EXPLORERS – Cave Art Onward Margery Hiltz will lead a new group, Art Explorers-Cave Art Onward to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 11 AM in the Christ Church Library.  The first meeting will take place this Tuesday, September 16th, 11 AM.   No requirements are needed.  If you are interested in joining this group, please sign up on the sheet posted on the bulletin board.


ST. MARY’S CHESTER   Christ Church continues to volunteer packing food at St. Mary’s Food Cupboard in Chester.   We meet this month on Wednesday, September 17th   from 12pm-1:30pm.  If interested or would like more information, please contact Diana Buckley-Motley at 610-565-0169. 


TAIZE SERVICE   You are invited to ‘go deeper’ in your relationship with God at our next Taize Service on Thursday, September 18th at 7:30 p.m. in the church.   Come experience the peaceful calm of beautiful music and quiet stillness in God’s presence.  These services, developed in the monastic Taize community of France, involve simple sung chants, several short readings from Scripture, and time of prayerful sitting and being available to God’s peace and grace.  If you would like to help with being a reader for these services, please let Fr. Randy Williamson know of your willingness.  You may contact Father Randy at 610-544-2299 or


KNITTING GROUP The Knitting Group will meet in the Van Roden Room on Saturday, September 20th at 2pm.  Please bring any items you have knitted to be sold at the Starfest Bazaar.


PARISH PICNIC, NEXT SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st!   Once again Jo Ann & Jay Townsend have graciously offered to host this Parish Family Event at the Townsend Farm in Wawa located at 327 W. Baltimore Pike.  This fun event takes place next Sunday, September 21st from 1pm—5pm. PLEASE SEE SIGN UPS TODAY!!!!  Sign-ups are posted on the bulletin board for you to let us know who is coming and what you can provide in the way of food donations.  Also, please let us know if you can help with setting up and cleaning up.  Bring a friend to share in the fun with your church family.   Please let Jo Ann know if you can help with cooking on Saturday, the 20th at 11am in the church kitchen.  Jay and Jo Ann are looking forward to this fun event and hope everyone will be able to join…you don’t want to miss this!!!  


ACOLYTE TRAINING SESSION There will be an acolyte training for all acolytes on Sunday 28 September at 9 a.m.  All acolytes shall be trained in the service music for the next two liturgical seasons.  Please meet in the choir stalls in the church.


AID FOR FRIENDS Please sign up for the next cooking night scheduled for Thursday, September 25th. A sign up sheet is in hall way for you to let us know what you are willing to provide in the way of food donations. We will start cooking between 4:30 & 5:00. We invite you to come join this rewarding outreach ministry.  Questions please contact Jim Ross@  610  324  0885.


FALL WORK DAYSaturday, September 27th!   A fall work day is scheduled for Saturday, September 27th from 8:30 a.m.--???    A sign up sheet is posted on the bulletin board for you to let us know of your willingness to help spruce up the church grounds.    Please sign up today so that we can plan accordingly.  Thank you!!



As a direct result of you sharing your thoughts and concerns using the congregational questionnaires and conversations, we are implementing a few changes that will improve communication within our congregation: 

1)  We have been testing a new format for the announcements on Sunday mornings.  In an effort to be more focused and less intrusive, one of your vestry members will read the announcements. Anyone who wishes to include an announcement must submit it to Rita by 9 am on Thursday mornings.  

2)    In an effort to improve communication and transparency, the vestry minutes for each meeting will be available in the book rack located in the foyer outside of St. Joseph’s hall (next to the water fountain).  Vestry meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm, September through June; all meetings other than executive sessions are open to parishioners, so please feel free to attend. 

3)    Parish Ministry Sunday - mark your calendars for November 9th when you will have the opportunity to learn about the variety of ministries here at Christ Church.  We hope you will use this occasion not only to learn about the ministries but also to discern where you feel called to devote your time and talent as well. 


LYRA, OCTOBER 20TH  Get ready parish members!  LYRA, the Russian vocal group will be performing at Christ Church on Monday, October 20th at 7pm.  Save the date and stay posted for more information regarding this unique Russian Orthodox music performance.


STARFEST BAZAAR –November 14-16!

We are trying something new for Silent Auction this year.  Parishioners can sign up to provide a ‘theme basket’ of their choice, filled with items relating to the theme.  Contents should be worth $30 minimum.  See the sign up IDEA LIST on the bulletin board in the hall if you would like to participate.

                And just a reminder – EASY REFERENCE SHEETS for STARFEST donation needs are posted on the bulletin board.  Take one home and look to see what you can contribute to STARFEST!

                We are asking parishioners to solicit their favorite places of business for gift cards or gift items/baskets.  These items will become part of our Silent Auction.  Please let Jim Ross, Auction Chairman know as soon as possible when you have the gift cards or items, so that he can get them listed in the Auction booklet.  Check out the bulletin board in the hallway for the following.

  • See “Suggestions for Gift Card Donations”
  • Copies of Merchant Donation Letters
  • Copies of Donation Request Forums with Church tax ID number
  • STARFEST Merchant Solicitation Idea List to sign off on at the time you take the form – so that we do not duplicate our efforts.

Questions?  Please contact Marylee Bunting 610-872-5116



Liturgical Ministers Schedule                     Weekly Calendar

8AM                                                                      14 Pentecost, September 14

Altar – Bob Bair                                                 8am Holy Eucharist Rite I

OT, Psalm – Geoff Kitson                              10am Holy Eucharist Rite II

PP- Paul Worrell                                               11:30am Christian Ed for All

NT, CB-Peter Falcone                                     LOGOS softball game, Barrell Park

10AM                                                                    Monday, September 15               

MC- Renee Bilbrough                                     12-1pm AA Meeting, VR

Altar – Eric Bilbrough                                      Tuesday, September 16

Crucifer – Gillian Cochran                             9am Morning Prayer

Torch 1 – Nicholas Handago                         7pm Vestry Meeting, SJH

Torch 2 – Ava High                                           Wednesday, September 17

OT, Psalm – Russ Bilbrough                          9am Morning Prayer 

NT-Pat Finocchiaro                                          10am Prayer Group

PP-Pam Smith                                                   11am Bible Study

CB1-Erin Cochran                                             12pm Holy Eucharist/Healing

CB2-Frank Mathews                                       7pm Adult Choir 

                                                                                8pm AA Meeting, SJH

Ushers                                                                  Thursday, September 18

8am-Paul Worrell, Jean Bowers                 9am Morning Prayer 

10am-The Adcock Family                              10am Lima Estates

                                                                                4:15pm Primary Choir

                                                                                4:45pm Youth Choir

Children’s Sermon                                          7:30pm Taize Service, Sanctuary

Older Group: Diana Motley, D                    Friday, September 19

                        Lee Herzog, Helper 7am Holy Eucharist, Chapel

Younger Group: Marianne Spiotta, D      12-2pm AA Meeting, SJH

                         Aura Lester, Helper                Saturday, September 20                                              

                                                                                9am Altar & Flower Guilds

                                                                                11am Cooking for Picnic

                                                                                2pm Knitting Group, VR

                                                                                15 Pentecost, September 21

                                                                                8am Holy Eucharist, Rite I

                                                                                10am Holy Eucharist, Rite II

                                                                                11:30am Christian Ed for All

                                                                                1pm Parish Picnic, Townsend Farm 




Rector: The Rev. Adam P. Kradel, Ph.D.,

Priest Associate: The Rev. Randolph Williamson,

Organist/Choir Director: Mr. Joel Lenderman,

Parish Administrator: Mrs. Rita Caserta,

Preschool Director: Ms. Joanne Petrosina,



Doug Sisk, Rector’s Warden                        Russell Bilbrough, Preschool Liaison

Peter Spiotta, Finance                                   Beth Moore, Hospitality

James Kozub, Property                                 Judy Fitzgerald, Communications

Stephen Adcock, Membership                  Cynthia Young, Christian Education

Marylee Bunting, Outreach                         Susan Mayer, Stewardship

Daniel Mistichelli, Accounting Warden    John Nee, Preschool