December 10, 2017


Good and gracious God, thank you for uniting our Parish of Christ Church as we continue to be a beacon of light.  Empower us to love, serve, and lead in your name. We pray for Your grace and mercy during this time of transition.  Help us to continue to be patient and prayerful. 

Open the hearts of the Search Committee and our Vestry to trust in Your perfect timing and guidance.  Please prepare the heart of Your chosen candidate to join our parish to lead us, care for us and inspire us according to Your will.  Amen.

SEARCH COMMITTEE: Mary Ellen Maatman, Co-chair; Jim McKeown, Co-chair; Maggie Dunn, Brett Lester, Karen Mason, Douglas Sisk, Marianne Spiotta


INTERCESSORY PRAYER LIST – (friends, family and acquaintances of parishioners) 

Sylvia, Brian, Elizabeth, Sandra, Jim, Jane, Joe, Denise, Shirley, Emily, John, Patrick, Kenny, Tyler, John, Jessica, Brian, Colin, Jackie, John, Patrick, Stephen, Bette, Michael, Patty, Vic, Flor, Bill, Helen, Pat, Christina, Stella, Flor, Debbie


BIRTHDAYS:  Marianne Spiotta, Caroline Lenderman


Sunday, December 3, 2017  - 191


Year-to-date actual         $261,570

Year to date budget        $262,250

DESIGNATED LOOSE OFFERINGS  Thank you for your generous offerings.  On Sunday, November 26th the loose offering that was designated for Episcopal Community Services yielded $368.  Sunday, December 3rd the loose offering designated for the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund was $407.

NURSERY CARE  Nursery care is available today from 9:30am—12:30am  for infants to 4 years of age in the Rainbow Classroom located on the lower level.  Andrea Cruz and De Anna Hickson, Nursery care givers.

ADULT FORUM All adults are invited to participate in Adult Forum that follows our 10am worship service each Sunday and meet in St. Joseph’s Hall.  

Upcoming topics:

Dec. 10 – Vestry Update

Dec. 17 – Carol Sing-a-long

MID-WEEK WORSHIP SERVICE  Every Wednesday, the Holy Eucharist/Healing Service is offered at noon in the Chapel.  

CHURCH SCHOOL  Children meet immediately following the 10am service in the Godly Play room on the lower level.  If you are new to our church and wish to have your child/children participate please don't hesitate to ask one of our ushers or parishioners for assistance before or after 10am service. Church school ends promptly at 12:15pm.  Please come join us.  Questions?  Please contact Amy Shumoski at

WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY  Adults of the parish are invited to come together for Bible Study every Wednesday at 11am in the Van Roden Room.  We welcome all seekers of a deeper understanding of the Bible and God’s message which comes through group reading and sharing with others.

SEEKING NOMINEES FOR VESTRY   Would you like the opportunity to serve Christ Church as a vestry member?  We are actively recruiting nominees to serve in this ministry.  If you have a desire to learn more about the business and spiritual undertakings of Christ Church please consider running.  If interested, please contact John Nee, Rector’s Warden at 610-909-5905.

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT  The Annual Christ Church Christmas Pageant will be held on Sunday, December 17th at 4 o’clock pm.  All children ages 3 years old through 5th grade are welcomed to participate in the pageant as well as youth readers.  There will be a practice today immediately following the 10am service.  This special performance cannot happen without your help.  We especially need your help on Dec. 17th with setting up and taking down the stage.  Please see Amy Shumoski or Brett Lester to offer your assistance.

The Annual Potluck Dinner will immediately follow the pageant in St. Mary’s Hall and will be once again be hosted by the Seeney family.  Family and friends are all invited to attend.  This is a great opportunity to share good food and fellowship with each other in the joy of this blessed season.  Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway outside the church office.  Please sign up today as this helps us greatly for planning purposes.

COOKIE EXCHANGE – TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 6:30 PM Join us for light snacks and drinks in St. Joseph’s Hall followed by our annual cookie exchange. Be a part of this festive holiday gathering, enjoy good fellowship (and save yourself a little baking time as well!) Bring a container with approximately 3 dozen cookies, and one empty container in which to collect cookies - by the end of the evening you will have collected a delicious variety of treats for your Christmas dessert and spent a great time with the lovely ladies of Christ Church! A signup sheet is located on the bulletin board - we look forward to seeing you!


Thank you to everyone who volunteered last week to continue our holiday Food Bag Outreach Program for Second Time Around Grandparents.  We still have some bags available if anyone would like to join in this wonderful holiday outreach program.  Due to a very generous donation at Thanksgiving, we have some bags where we only need half the amount of groceries.  This might be an opportunity for some of us who want to help out on a smaller scale!  We are also accepting monetary donations to help defray the cost of the turkeys!  Please see Laurie Weber after both the 8 and 10 services if you wish to help out!  The bags are due back by Sunday, December 17th.  Thank you!  Laurie 610-496-6956

CHRISTMAS ANGEL TREE    We are, once again, working with the Children and Youth Services of Delaware County to administer our Christmas Angel Tree program. For each tag that you took, please buy the new gift, wrap it and attach the tag for identification. Gifts should be returned and placed near the tree (and in the designated boxes) by TODAY! Questions? Contact Marylee Bunting   Thank you for your support of this worthy holiday project!

CHORAL EVENING PRAYER The choir of Trinity Episcopal Church in Swarthmore will sing a service of choral Evening Prayer for the season of Advent on Sunday, December 10 at 5:00 PM. This service of hymns, psalm readings and prayers is the traditional Anglican form of worship for evening and has inspired some of the world's greatest composers. Sung by candle-light, the service provides  a moment of quiet prayer and meditation amidst the tumultuous bustle of the season. This year's service will feature works of the Renaissance masters Palestrina and Victoria, as well as Thomas Weelkes' setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis from his Sixth Service. Guest organist for the service is our own Andrew Hauze! The service is free, and free child-care will be provided. All are welcome!

CHRONICLE CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Chronicle submissions for the January/February 2018 issue are needed by Friday, December 15thThe Advent/Christmas season is a very busy time in the parish office, please submit your articles as soon as possible! 


From the Flower Committee

Christ Episcopal Church Flower Committee would appreciate donations toward the purchase of poinsettias for the Christmas Altar.  Contributions can be made as a “memorial for a loved one” or “in thanksgiving”.  Please fill out the form below and return to the church office no later than December 15th!

In Loving Memory of:



In Thanksgiving for:



Given by:  Name  ________________________________________

Enclosed is my check payable to “Christ Church Flower Fund” in the amount of ______________.


Liturgical Ministers Schedule


2 Advent, December 10                                                                 3 Advent, December 17

8AM                                                                                                      8AM     

Altar – Jim Ross                                                                                 Altar – Peter Falcone

OT, Psalm – Doug Sisk                                                                    OT, Psalm – Geoff Kitson

PP – Jan Ross                                                                                     PP – Randy Bullitt

NT, CB – Steve Falcone                                                                  NT, CB – Steve Falcone

10AM                                                                                                    10AM

Altar& Book Bearer – Casey Loper                                            Altar & Book Bearer – Sybilla Moore

Altar – Jonah Loper                                                                         Altar 2 – Sophia Lenderman

Crucifer – Alexsa McKeown                                                         Crucifer – Hannah Wible

Torch 1 – Madeline Beck                                                               Torch 1 – Dillen Wible

Torch 2 – Emily Beck                                                                       Torch 2 – Aidan Peterson

OT, Psalm – Ann Haslanger                                                          OT, Psalm – Mary Ellen Maatman

NT – Sean Seeney                                                                            NT – Jay Townsend

PP – Dan Mistichelli                                                                         PP – Pam Smith

CB1 – Frank Mathews                                                                    CB1 – Patti Davis

CB2 – Kurt Brunner                                                                         CB2 – Erin Cochran


Ushers                                                                                                  Ushers

8am –                                                                                                   8am – Paul Worrell, Ron Mecklin

10am – The High Family                                                                10am – The McKeown Family


Weekly Calendar


2 Advent, December 10

8am Holy Eucharist, Rite I

10am Holy Eucharist, Rite II

11:30am Christian Ed for All

Monday, December 11

12pm AA Meeting, SJH

Tuesday, December 12

10am Archives Committee, VR

6:30pm Cookie Exchange, SJH    

7pm Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, December 13

10am Prayer Group

11am Bible Study, SJH

12pm Noonday Prayer

8pm AA Meeting, SJH

Thursday, December 14

7pm Finance Meeting

Friday, December 15

12pm AA Meeting, SJH

Saturday, December 1

 9am Altar & Flower Guilds

3 Advent, December 17

8am Holy Eucharist Rite I

10am Holy Eucharist Rite II

11:30am Christian Ed

4pm Christmas Pageant



Interim Rector: The Rev. Canon Nancy James Deming,

Organist/Choir Director: Mr. Joel Lenderman,

Parish Administrator: Mrs. Rita Caserta,

Preschool Director: Ms. Joanne Petrosina,



2018                                                                                       2020                                                                      

Mary Ann Klassen, Secretary of the Vestry            Marylee Bunting, Outreach

Geoff Kitson, Property                                                   John Nee, Rector’s Warden/Preschool

Donald Hann, Parish Life                                               Kurt Brunner, Finance

Ann Haslanger, Membership                                      John Donaphon, Accounting Warden                      


Susan Mayer, Stewardship                                    Search Committee

Mary Ellen Maatman, Communication                    Mary Ellen Maatman, Jim McKeown, Maggie

Faith Elcock, Hospitality/Pastoral Care                    Dunn, Brett Lester, Karen Mason, Douglas Sisk,

Mike Estabrook, Christian Formation                       Marianne Spiotta




8am Holy Eucharist Rite I

10am Holy Eucharist Rite II



12pm Holy Eucharist/Healing, Chapel





CHURCH OFFICE 610-566-7525

HOURS: Monday – Thursday – 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM



“Empowered by Jesus to love, serve, and lead.”