Christian stewardship has been defined as "what I do, with all that I have, after I say 'I believe'." Stewardship is a responsibility of all church members. It involves prayerfully considering how we might gratefully give of our time, talents, and treasure. The annual pledge drive in the fall provides the foundation for developing the church budget for the following year. Click here to make an online pledge.


Christ Church's endowment has been built up over several years and provides some income for the annual operations. The endowment is managed by the Episcopal Church Foundation in consultation with the Christ Church Endowment Board which is comprised of parishioners. The Board safeguards the parish's interest and well-being for the future and promotes growth of the endowment through their presentations at Adult Forum, by advocating the use of envelopes provided to parishioners in March, September and December, and by holding an annual appreciation event for participants in the Legacy Society (anyone contributing to the endowment).

Online Pledging

If you would like to submit your pledge online to the parish administrator, you information can be sent directly to the parish administrator via the Email Us form on this site.