Parish Life - Membership

Christ Church Media welcomes all visitors to participate fully in the life of our community. We invite you to continue your journey with us, ask questions, attend our worship services and educational offerings, and participate in the activities in our community.

Let us know more about you by either calling our church office at 610-566-7525 or by e-mailing the Rev. Nancy Deming at

At Christ Church Media you will find:

  • an open, caring and diverse congregation
  • opportunities to grow in the knowledge and love of God
  • beautiful music, in a variety of forms
  • educational opportunities for children and adults
  • many ways to use your talents within and outside the church


Steps to Membership:

Letter of Transfer: If you are coming from another Episcopal parish, a letter of transfer officially transfers your membership from your former parish to Christ Church. The parish office can help you arrange for this letter.

To Become an Episcopalian:

Baptized: The Episcopal Church recognizes as Christians all persons who have been baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity. If you have not been baptized, please make an appointment with the rector to discuss the requirements for and meaning of baptism. 

Confirmed: If you have been baptized in another denomination, you may consider being confirmed in the Episcopal Church. In confirmation “we express a mature commitment to Christ and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.” Confirmation classes are held every year before the bishop’s visit to Christ Church. Please feel free to make an appointment with the rector to discuss this step.

Received: If you have been confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Lutheran Church, or certain other churches having bishops recognized by the Episcopal Church as being in the Apostolic Succession of Bishops, you will be welcomed and received by the bishop as a confirmed member of the Episcopal Church.


For further information, please call the parish office at 610-566-7525 or e-mail Rev. Nancy Deming at

We look forward to getting to know you!