Parish Discernment & Search for New Rector

With prayer and thoughtfulness we are preparing to call a new Rector to Christ Church.

Prayer for Our Discernment Process:

Good and gracious God, thank you for uniting our Parish of Christ Church as we continue to be a beacon of light. Empower us to love, serve, and lead in your name. We pray for Your grace and mercy during this time of transition. Help us to continue to be patient and prayerful. Open the hearts of the Search Committee and our Vestry to trust in Your perfect timing and guidance. Please prepare the heart of Your chosen candidate to join our parish to lead us, care for us, and inspire us according to Your will. Amen.

About the Discernment Process
The “discernment process” is more than a typical job posting and search for a new candidate. Parishes engage in a discernment process to better understand themselves and to identify the person God calls to lead them. This process usually takes a full year. A Search Committee made of parishioners is selected by the Vestry to manage the process of calling a new candidate. At the end of the process, the Search Committee will recommend a candidate to the Vestry for approval.


Christ Church has hired Reverend Bob Tate, priest associate at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, to guide us through the discernment process. Read Reverend Tate’s September 10th sermon preached at Christ Church before the all-parish meeting for more information about the process of calling a new Rector.

Current Step: Developing Interview Questions

Parish Involvement in the Discernment Process

The most successful discernment process will result from involvement of the entire parish community. On September 10th, at an all-parish meeting, Reverend Tate guided us through a reflection process to better understand what members of Christ Church seek in a new Rector. At the meeting, we gathered information through survey and small group discussions. 

Review a copy of the survey.

Over fifty-five people completed the survey during the all-parish meeting. The complied results from the survey are available on the Rector Search bulletin board in the Parish Hall. These results directly informed the qualities the Search Committee will look for in Rector Candidates throughout the interview process.

The goal of the Search Committee is to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible. If you have comments or questions about the process, please reach out to members of the Search Committee.

Search Committee Members:

Mary Ellen Maatman, Co-Chair and Vestry Liaison

Jim McKeown, Co-Chair

Maggie Dunn

Brett Lester

Karen Mason

Marianne Spiotta

Doug Sisk


Rev. Bob Tate, Search Consultant